Creative Break artist release single on new college label

The first single by new college label ‘Become One Music‘ has been released on a number of major digital platforms.

The track is the fruit of a collaborative project between New College Lanarkshire students in Sound Production and Music Business, conceived during a hectic week of recording as part of the Creative Break in January 2018.

Alek McMillan, one of the Sound Production students involved, spoke of the challenges in recording the track:

“It was great to be put outside of our comfort zone in dealing with a style of music we were not used to. I’m really pleased with the final result and happy to see it being released as a single”

Press release and ways to listen are below:

Little Things You Do is the debut release from 17-year-old Glaswegian Kelsey Jones.

Written as a direct thank you to her mother ‘Little Things You Do’ is a heart felt message to someone who has always been there and gone that extra mile. Throughout the song Kelsey emphasises this support and bond perhaps best surmised in the line, “while your own battles are in front of your eyes and you are still trying to win mine.” A continuous reaffirmation of the often under-appreciated act of selfless love.

As a totally self-taught musician, Kelsey has until recently had no formal musical training, picking up songs on her guitar and ukulele from YouTube. From hours and hours of processing songs she slowly began to craft them into her own versions, posting these online from the age of 14.

Mining a repertoire delving from Elvis to Whitney Houston and The 1975 to Nirvana and Radiohead, Kelsey has over the last three years, honed her craft into penning and performing her own solo material. This has resulted in recent gigs at Glasgow’s Classic Grand and open mic sessions at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut and the Amethyst.

Now with her debut release, Kelsey Jones searches for the romanticism in everyday life. Whilst her poetic lyricism shines through, Kelsey instinctively believes, “the music always comes first.”


Available to download or stream from:




For more information please contact:


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