The dead can dance…

Course lecturers and HND Sound Production students took their Spatial Recording project activities outwith the classroom last week when they visited the world renowned Hamilton Mausoleum. The location is famous among acoustic aficionados for once holding the record for the longest reverb within any man-made structure in the world (a record surpassed by the oil container chambers at Inchindown, Invergordon which the department visited the year previously – see HERE).

The grandiose stone structure with eye catching Roman-styled domed roof played host to a series of recording and playback experiments in which the students took full advantage of the mausoleum’s unique acoustical features. Students played back a series of specially curated instrumental compositions, performed a convolution reverberation capture of the space and even recorded a group chant with hauntingly effective results.

Course lecturer David Burnett said, “It’s been a fantastic opportunity to bring students to this wonderful location and get to experience at first hand the interaction of sound within this acoustically distinctive environment. We’ve managed to achieve a lot in the two hours we had and that’s testement to the professionalism of our guys. I think we’re all really happy with the results.”.

You can hear some of the work that took place HERE though note that these binaural recordings will require headphones for the most immersive playback experience.

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