Day Trippers

The BA Sound Production students last week had the very fortunate opportunity to take over one of Scotland’s most famous and influential studios for the day: Chem19.

Not only did they get a chance to see at first hand the renowned studios and equipment, but with the help of two bands, Catholic Action and The Kundalini Genie, they were also able to take part in the recording process. This resulted in the students getting hands on experience producing tracks for both bands.

Courtesy of Chem19 owners and in house engineers, Paul and Jamie Savage, the students were given a masterclass in recording and production techniques. Both Paul and Jamie illustrated their own studio workflow and spoke about their journey within the industry, how the label and studio came into being, and discussed equipment and production approach.

The overall day gave the BA students both an enlightening and eye opening experience of what it takes to work at the highest level within the Music Industry. Our sincere thanks to both Paul and Jamie for their time and expertise. A big thank you also to Catholic Action and The Kundalini Genie for providing the tunes, we couldn’t have done it without you! Check out both the bands in the links below – you’ll thank us for it!!

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