Creative Sound Production 2020

The new year see’s the launch of a full range of Sound Production courses at New College Lanarkshire, catering for every qualification level from entry to National & Higher National through to degree. These comprehensive courses offer learners the perfect opportunity to attain the requisite skill set associated with being a modern sound engineer operating within the creative industries covering a range of disciplines including; studio recording, post production for film & TV, live sound engineering, synthesis and sampling, location recording, game audio, format mastering and much more.

Students are taught in a professional environment utilising state of the art facilities whilst receiving training from experienced lecturers with a diverse range of backgrounds, all of whom are able to share their knowledge and guidance whilst navigating course content. There are a range of extra curricular opportunities and self generated projects all designed to further enhance the training and learning of students by providing real life industry experience, engaging with artists and clients, event production and management, class/solo visits to industry partners etc.

The college facilities are put at the disposal of students who are given the opportunity to  hire a full range of sound production equipment with the department also operating an evening studio booking system for recording bands or even just for some extra hands on time outwith normal college hours. Check out the full range of courses available and application details on the college website HERE

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