Learners are taught and guided through all Creative Sound & Music Production courses by a host of lecturers with a wealth of experience, drawing from many disciplines and specialisms.

Andreas Jonsson

Andreas Jonsson

Originally from the west coast of Sweden, Andreas moved to Scotland in 1999 to study Sound Production at Stow College in Glasgow. After a number of years of academic hiatus, he went back to Glasgow School of Art to achieve a Masters in Sound for Moving Image in 2013.

Andreas has created and produced sound and music for a variety of productions, from corporate promo’s to a number of short feature films. As a musician, he has also been involved in a range of projects (Moon Unit, Pyramidion, Lucid Sins), leading to a plethora of LP, CD and cassette releases as well as tours around the world, supporting bands like Mogwai, Faust and Michael Rother of Neu. He is currently deep into the financially dangerous waters of Eurorack synthesis as well as developing his skills in sound design for video games.

Teaching across both Sound and Film Production strands of the Creative Industries department, Andreas specialises in some of the more technical aspects of sound design, sound for games, synthesis and audio programming.

Andreas is a devout listener to German 70s “Krautrock”, MF Doom and the soundtrack to the video game “Fez”.

David Burnett

David Burnett

David initially studied media & video production at college which provided opportunities to work on a variety of different filming projects including short fiction, music videos and several documentaries covering a range of themes and topics. Notable features of the time included a look at the work undertaking at the GalGael initiative in Glasgow and an insight into rural life in the remote mountainous regions of Portugal.

A keen interest in music and the recording process facilitated a return to academia, this time to study Sound Production at Stow College in 1999 which started a run over the next decade of sound engineering roles and activities in recording studios, rehearsal rooms and live venues, mainly based in the West coast of Scotland and involved working with a host of bands and artists. Covering a range of styles and genres whilst operating both tape based and digital recording systems helped garner invaluable sound production experience. An avid fan of Spacemen 3, Velvet Underground, the Beta Band, film soundtracks and sixties garage psychedelia means he appreciates things loud, lo-fi and experimental.

In 2010, David started lecturing at the college and has contributed to the continual evolution of the department in its strive to remain industry relevant and at the forefront of multi skill set training as students prepare for a career in sound production or to further their studies at higher education.

Clark Neville

Clark Neville

Clark has been a lecturer with the college since 2007 and has had an obsession with all things music and sound related since childhood.

After experimenting with the music making process with various bands and collaborators in his youth, Clark obtained an HND in Electronics and Audio Technology before achieving a Bsc (Hons) in Audio Technology with Multimedia from Glasgow Caledonian University. Clark recently returned to study, achieving a Post Production diploma from Berklee University, and an MSc in Sound Design from Edinburgh Napier University, obtaining a distinction for his research relating to Audio and Alzheimer’s disease.

As a sound engineer with just over twenty years’ experience, Clark has recorded multiple genres including Folk, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal and Rock & Psychedelia. Clark has a comprehensive knowledge of audio recording in both a studio and live environment, with an in-depth working knowledge of both analogue and digital audio equipment. Recent engineering credits include Starless, The Paisley Patterns, Love and Money and Cailean Cuimreach.  Aside from studio based work, Clark has recorded live concerts at both Celtic Connections and the West End festival in Glasgow, and recently spent 4 months at STV with Chief Dubbing Mixer Donald Macleod.

Jim Neilson

After achieving an HND in Sound Production at James Watt College and a degree in Audio Technology with Multimedia at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2008, Jim’s sound engineering journey began at the former home of Simple Minds, Central Sound Studios in Glasgow. After cutting his teeth recording and mixing with a range of local bands, Jim moved on to Chem19 studios working with a range of Scottish bands and Chemikal Underground Records label artists. In addition to working as an audio engineer within the studio Jim also co-wrote and taught on the studios successful Soundlab engineering course, now entering its 7th year.

After a stint working with the band Texas as main songwriter Johnny McElhone’s personal engineer and freelancing in several Glasgow studios, Jim moved to work full time within Gorbals Sound on a range of musical styles including traditional folk, jazz and orchestral.

Jim’s varied CV has seen him work on an array of projects from artists such as Glasvegas, Aidan Moffat, Capercaillie, Julie Fowlis, producers such as Paul Savage and John Wood, to recording music for BBC TV shows as well as recording music for the opening of the commonwealth games.

Jim currently splits his time between teaching on our Sound Production courses, working on recording projects (recently completing recording work on Outlander’s Gillebride MacMillan’s forthcoming album) as well as working as an audio editor and sound designer for sample library giants 8Dio.

Jim’s diverse wealth of industry experience helps him provide students with a sound understanding of all aspects of sound recording and production, specialising in teaching studio engineering and production skills within a practical recording studio environment.

Ali Murray

Ali Murray

Ali is an award winning sound designer whose credits include Oscar Nominated short documentary “Karama Has No Walls”, a number of Mark Cousins’ films including “Stockholm My Love” and “I Am Belfast”, and various Bafta winning shorts amongst others. He’s a visiting lecturer in sound at Edinburgh College of Art, and has taught at the University of Glasgow, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and local and International British Film Institute Film Academies. Ali also works as a drummer, producer and recording engineer. ​

Bertie Fritsch

Bertie Fritsch

Bertie Fritsch (b. London 1966) takes a multi-disciplinary approach to lifelong learning with experience in art, music, design, engineering and education. He has worked across a wide range of mediums and technologies within music production; installation, sound, video, design, engineering, sculpture and painting. Bertie has been a lecturer at the college since 2005.

He recently successfully completed an MA in Contemporary Fine Art at the University of Cumbria Institute of Arts (2017) in addition to having a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education; Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and a BSc (Hons) Engineering Product Design where, he developed the only pair of midi controller drum sticks (D.I.P.P.S.) using Honeywell air flow sensors and impact triggers!

As a keen drummer, since the age of 12, and producer Bertie has performed and recorded and collaborated with many contemporary artists and musicians including: The Future Sound of London, Heidi Berry, Max Richter and  Piano Circus. He has a wide range of industry contacts in music and the arts, the two things he is most passionate about besides fresh air, family and food!

Peter Findlay

Peter Findlay

Peter’s interest in music and sound production began after hearing The Prodigy’s album Music for The Jilted Generation, where he fell in love with electronic music and wanted to make music that paralleled this which led him to buying his first hardware synth on his 16th birthday.

After completing his HNC Sound Production at Glasgow Kelvin (formerly John Wheatley College) Peter came to New College Lanarkshire to achieve an HND in Sound Production and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Sound Production, followed by honours studying Commercial Music at The University of The West of Scotland. During his final year, Peter undertook a work-related learning placement as an assistant audio technician at NCL which provided him with the experience and skills to take on the role full time after graduating. 

Peter has worked on a variety of projects DJing and producing acid house and electro as Anelsis, performing his music live in quadrophonic surround sound, teaching sound production and curating DJ workshops at FARE Scotland. His most recent project Redivivus, involves sampling audio recordings extracted from old disco and funk vinyl records to produce house music similar to that of Daft Punk and Armand Van Helden.

 As a recent previous student here at New College Lanarkshire who successfully progressed onto gain his degree at UWS, Peter is a great contact for students here with any questions about the program and is more than happy to give his advice to those looking to progress within this program.  ​