Over the years, we have had a succession of our students progress both academically by furthering their studies at higher education (including our BA Commercial Sound Production course run in conjunction with UWS) as well as managing to establish careers for themselves in all areas of the creative industries. Here are some of our former learners offering their thoughts regarding the Creative Sound Production courses on offer here at New College Lanarkshire and their time with us.

Stevie Cossar – Everything Audio, Glasgow

“My time at NCLan continually shows its worth in my working practices. The audio course is bolstered by industry standard tools, warm and nurturing approach to tutelage and the time, space and equipment available to give every student a fantastic opportunity to develop their skill set. The support I received during an extremely difficult time in my personal life felt like an extended family, and I’ll always be grateful for that. 5 stars.”

Amy Lambert
Amy Lambert – MSc in Digital Marketing, University West of Scotland

“My time at NCL studying sound production was really enjoyable. The facilities at NCL Cumbernauld campus are fantastic and the course content itself was a really good mix of practical modules and theory, this allowed for a really well rounded experience where you not only gain practical skills and understand the theoretical side of these skills but you also have modules where you focus on the music industries which really contextualises your studies. The lecturers were all extremely friendly and accommodating and would go above and beyond to make sure students were understanding the course content, coping with the work and overall just getting the best possible experience.

I attended NCL just after leaving 6th year of school and went on to graduate with the BA in Commercial Sound Production. As someone who left high school not sure what to do, and not very confident, I feel that NCL lecturers and the sound production course itself helped me to gain new skills and knowledge which in turn helped me gain more academic confidence. I don’t think I would have had the same positive experiences I did at NCL, at another college or university course anywhere else. After completing an MSc in Digital Marketing, I now want to go on and find employment that combines the skills I have learned from each of these courses.”

Iain McLeod
Iain McLeod – MSc Game Development, Abertay University

“I had the choice between two colleges to study Sound Production and I’m so glad I chose NCL. The staff were incredibly insightful and easy to talk with and the studio equipment is easily the best that I could’ve possibly wanted to work with. There were plenty of opportunities to advance both my practical and professional abilities on the course and the staff were incredibly helpful in promoting and advising on these.
Since studying here, I’ve gone on to receive an Honours Degree in Creative Sound Production (now Sound and Music for Games) at Abertay, had the opportunity to work with Ken Scott and am currently working my Masters in Game Development.”

Kieran Thomas Live Engineer & Owner/Studio Engineer, Catcher Recording

“I had a great experience in the Creative Industries department at NCL Cumbernauld. The facilities are top-notch, the lecturers thoroughly know their stuff, and the department all in all is great environment to learn the skills you need to get into the industry. In the studios you learn everything from simply getting a signal from the live room into control room, to using the patch bay to insert top-of-the-line outboard compressors and EQ into your mix. In the live room, you learn to set-up a full PA system and learn to work live sound through a real-life simulation of a live situation. And once a year, the HND film and sound students combine their skills for one week to produce a song and music video – a great exercise in working to a realistic deadline.

The course is designed in such a way you can take the skills in any direction you wish, whether that would be live sound, sound design for moving image or game development, or studio work (plus more). The lecturers are greatly supportive, even of students who have finished the course and have come back for a bit of advice here and there. This is just a few points about the great value of the sound course they offer at NCL, which I couldn’t recommend more. Personally, I had a great time studying at NCL, and can confidently say what I learnt during my time at college prepared me fully for running my own recording studio and also working as a live sound engineer at many venues.”

Chris D’Arcy – Sound Designer and Composer, Puny Astronaut
“The sound course at NCL is like no other, if you are hungry for success you can go far here. This place is the first step into great opportunities. The environment is set for experimentation and pushing out of your comfort zone and working with top-notch equipment and excellent and passionate staff. Since completing the course, I have gone on to become a sound designer in a game development studio that myself and 7 others created. I am working on games titles across all popular gaming platforms. It’s likely I would not be where I am now without the encouraging and enriching experience I received at NCL.”

Kieran Greig – Audio Editor, 8Dio Productions
“The quality of equipment and lecturers at NCL is second to none. With a vast amount of industry standard gear, you really have a chance to learn what’s used in the real world. The course is very hands on which is great because in today’s industry, experience with these tools is paramount. You’ll have the chance to use world leading pieces of equipment like SSL mixing desks and top notch outboard equipment like Empirical Labs Distressors, to name but a few of the many amazing pieces of equipment NCL has to offer. I enjoyed my time at NCL because I was encouraged to experiment with different techniques and really develop my own way of working. All in all NCL is a great place to really dive head first into your passion and carve your own path.”