Our state of the art equipment and facilities help to provide students with realistic industry standard training, ideally suited for a unique and enhanced learning experience. We offer professional equipment for each and every aspect of Creative Sound Production including studio recording, live engineering, post-production (games/film & TV/animation), location recording, surround/ambient capture & mixing…

The Cumbernauld campus features four main studios as well as three post production facility suites, all designed to be as flexible as possible in terms of use and operation. Mixing desks include two SSL AWS900 consoles and an Audient ASP 8024 with all studios furnished with a plethora of outboard equipment designed to maximise signal quality and integrity.

The Creative Sound department has also amassed a vast and formidable array of microphones to cater for every recording eventuality. No matter the sound source, instrument or recording scenario, the selection on offer can match any professional recording studio. There are also some quality backline items to be utilised in the form of heads, cabs, amps, kits, snares, guitars & FX pedals. In short, everything required by bands and artists in the pursuit of cultivating their artistic vision.

Live sound is covered at every qualification level and we are proud of the range and quality of sound reinforcement system equipment in which students are trained to operate at NCL. Although training initially takes place within college confines, it isn’t long before this moves into the real world with our engineers challenged to set up and operate for events at a host of venues and challenging environments.

For lectures and classrooms, learners are treated to Mac suites with workstations hosting a range of industry standard software and plugins allowing the opportunity to continue working on projects throughout the department. Pro Tools, Ableton, Adobe Creative Cloud, Native Instruments, Fab Filter… etc.